Grace (bassteph84) wrote in dreamsgonowhere,

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Hey you, I think I like you.

You intrigue me.
I can't stop thinking about you.
I keep reliving that one night.
You make me happy when I'm around you.
I keep thinking I've got you figured out,
but then you go and suprise me.
I thought I could read you,
but it's not as easy as I thought

It's great to meet a guy who can take my shit
without getting butthurt,
who has a good sense of humor,
who has a great car,
who likes the same kind of dogs,
who knows how to have fun,
who has integrity,
who has great shoulders and a nice ass,
who knows how to make me feel beautiful,
who doesn't make things awkard later.

I think that we're both a good catch.
It's time to be real with each other,
I like you. What do you think?
I can't know unless you tell me.
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